Features Options Dimensions
Saftety Lock Front Guard Torque Load Cell Length: 43″ (109.22cm)
High Torque Hydraulic Back-up Width: 31″ (78.74cm)
Light Weight for Easy Handling Pneumatic Back-up Height: 26″ (66.04cm)
Low Maintenance Design Arm Legth:: 29″ (73.66cm)
Proven Durability Weight: 620 lbs ( 281.2Kg)



Name Description
 Model  4500
 Pipe Size Range  1.05″ to 4.5″ (26.6mm to 114.3mm)
 Torque ft.lb/Nm in low gear @2500 PSI (172 Bar)  6.670 ft. lbs (9,043 Nm)
 Rated speed in high gear 30 GPM (114 LPM)  96 RPM
 Torque Arm Length  23″ (584mm)
Nominal Power Requirements 2,000 PSI (30 GPM)
Back-up Type Manual M/S Pneumatic/Hydraulic
Pipe Size Range:1.05″-4.5″ (26.6mm to114.3mm) 1.05″ to 5-9/16″ (26.6mm to114.3mm)
Weight: 53 lbs (24Kg) 148 lbs (67.1Kg)